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2012-02-01 Jim Charlie Gail BobK Marjorie Alex Pat BobP2012-02-15 Sandy Leonard Monroe Supervisor Gail2012-02-29 MWRotary Meeting Marjorie BobP BobK Charlie Gail Alex Jim Pat2012-02-29 Project Amigo Presentation Gail Pat2012-03-07 Gail Charlie Pat BobK BobP Marjorie Kathy
2012-04-11 Gail JimH2012-04-12 Gail2012-04-21 operation clean sweep 012012-04-21 operation clean sweep 022012-04-21 operation clean sweep 03
2012-04-21 operation clean sweep 042012-04-21 operation clean sweep 052012-04-21 operation clean sweep 062012-04-21 operation clean sweep 072012-04-25 Gail
2012-05-09 BobK BobP Gail Charlie Kathy Marjorie Pat Jim2012-05-09 Gail2012-07-11 Charlie Pat Gail Kathy Cliff2012-07-18 Gail2012-08-01-01 youth exchange student mia
2012-09-08-02 rotary cheese fest habitat shelter2012-09-08-03 rotary cheese fest shelter box2012-09-08-04 rotary cheese fest win bike2012-09-08-06 rotary cheese fest2012-10-10-09 installation gail bill jim
2012-10-10 Cliff Aldis Bob Sue Gail Bill2012-10-21-01 fall festival of food2012-10-21-02 fall festival of food2012-10-21-03 fall festival of food2012-10-21-04 fall festival of food
2012-10-21-05 fall festival of food2012-10-21-06 fall festival of food2012-10-21-07 fall festival of food2012-10-21-08 fall festival of food2012-10-21-09 fall festival of food
2012-10-21-10 fall festival of food2012-10-21-11 fall festival of food2012-10-21-12 fall festival of food2012-10-21-13 fall festival of food2012-10-21-14 fall festival of food
2012-10-21-15 fall festival of food2012-10-21-16 fall festival of food2012-10-21-17 fall festival of food2012-10-21-18 fall festival of food2012-10-21-19 fall festival of food
2012-10-21-20 fall festival of food2012-10-21-21 fall festival of food2012-10-21-22 fall festival of food2012-11-28-01 operation warm pat denise gail jim charlie cliff2012-12-08-01 mw rotary breakfast with santa
2012-12-08-02 mw rotary breakfast with santa2012-12-08-03 mw rotary breakfast with santa2012-12-08-04 mw rotary breakfast with santa2012-12-08-05 mw rotary breakfast with santa2012-12-08-06 mw rotary breakfast with santa
2012-12-08-07 mw rotary breakfast with santa2012-12-08-08 mw rotary breakfast with santa2012-12-08-09 mw rotary breakfast with santa2012-12-08-10 mw rotary breakfast with santa2012-12-08-11 mw rotary breakfast with santa
2012-12-08-12 mw rotary breakfast with santa2012-12-24-01 gail tara salvation army bell ringing
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